feeling down

why am i like this..all of those people i know is going forward in their life even those who i don expect ,have changed for the better.and what have i done for all this years? nothing.. practically relly nothing, just wasting my time and getting fat ,rotting at home.


i want to change many things in my life, for the better.i can`t deny the fact that i am happy with my family now but still i want something for the better. there is tons of things to change that i don know how to .

my feeling have become numb already from all the outside world.all i can do is smile .giving people a nerdy smile .i just don bother to say things out.let things just be as it is. sigh.

i`ve reAD somewhere that there is no need to compare yourself with others .
the thing is ,is there anthing of myself to compare to them? no
i ve nothing.really nothing.i`ve done nothing ,achieve nothing to compare myself with them.I HAVE NOTHING. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

what can i do ..iam really tired, tired of everything.
but i want something that can make me proud of myself

what must i do, what can i do , why should i do ??????????????????????????AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH