i need you in my life


i really need you in my my but where are you.
i need you to change my life .
for the better .
to be happy .
to share little thing in my mind with you.
to be there for me even if you cannot do anything about it
i don`t care i want you
i want you

your dream wedding

everyone have his or her own wedding dream.
some may just want a small wedding ,other might want it to be as a wedding of the year.

what would be the concept,the color and so on.
where should it be.would it be on the garden,hotel or by the sea?
when?when will be the date?some would like the date to be significant such as 090909 or even on their birthday.

for me i do not want it to be on my birthday. the reason is i want my birthday to be special .and also i can celebrate two events at two occasion . i don wannt to celebrate a 2in 1 occasion where my birthDAY is also our wedding day.i don want it to happen. it will as if my birthday or the wedding is not special enough to be celebrated on its own.neither would i want the wedding day to be on my other half birthday.

for the wedding it would either just the nikah and nothing else or a big wedding at the hotel. either one of that and nothing else.i don want it to be simple medium wedding.either nothing or make it big.tak nak ala kadar je.

watever it is .it just a dream.it would probably be in 5 years time or so.
haha jangan mimpi lah hah

how good are you?

how would you grade yourself?
would you marry yourself?
when you are not that good how would you expect to have a perfect special ones.
so stop daydreming!

are you that perfect to be judging other and making negative comment.

make effort to be a better person.that what you can do .change for the better.
-have better personality
-fitter body
-talk more
-be proud of yourself


-excessively proud of or concerned about one's own appearance, qualities, achievements, etc.; conceited: a vain dandy.

i want to be vain.or should i ask how to be vain. i don`t want to be lazy .i want to be vain. maybe by being vain at least i can have better appearance rather than being lazy. its not that i want to be lazy but i feel tired all the time.

at least by being vain i`m not wasting my time by doing nothing.i would be pampering and taking care of myself better than before.

maybe i should become the stalker of my own dream.oh yes i should!

feeling down

why am i like this..all of those people i know is going forward in their life even those who i don expect ,have changed for the better.and what have i done for all this years? nothing.. practically relly nothing, just wasting my time and getting fat ,rotting at home.


i want to change many things in my life, for the better.i can`t deny the fact that i am happy with my family now but still i want something for the better. there is tons of things to change that i don know how to .

my feeling have become numb already from all the outside world.all i can do is smile .giving people a nerdy smile .i just don bother to say things out.let things just be as it is. sigh.

i`ve reAD somewhere that there is no need to compare yourself with others .
the thing is ,is there anthing of myself to compare to them? no
i ve nothing.really nothing.i`ve done nothing ,achieve nothing to compare myself with them.I HAVE NOTHING. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

what can i do ..iam really tired, tired of everything.
but i want something that can make me proud of myself

what must i do, what can i do , why should i do ??????????????????????????AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


What you focus will expand.
that is a true and meaningful phrase.when you focus ,you can see thing as tiny a a needle but if are not focus even something as big as an elephant seem not visible to you.all you need is to focus and you`ll do better

heart conversation with flat stomach

heart: flat stomach, where are you , i`ve been waiting for you
Flat stomach: i`m inside you.you just have to be patience and work hard to see me reaveal myself
prince charming , oh prince charming... where are you? i`m waiting for you ,,waiting for you to change my life...


Personality play an important part in our life.

people like those who have great personality and a good charisma.

I`ve read somewhere that theres 2 way on how men relate sexy with women.
the first way is of course the physical sexyness.its how the women body is and what she wear.

the second way has to do with the mind.with proper mind ,the women behave well and a good manner.she also can discuss many issue without having to wear skantily.able to make men think more and in diferrent perpective.

The second way will last longer,of course and harder to find. wonder what you`ll think of a women in her 70s wear really sexily like her 20s.

real life

i of the thing that i was reminded is that real life started when you started working.its what called going into the working world .i know those relative of mine will somehow look down on me coz i`m going to that school but i cannot do anything.all i can do is to prove to them and get good great when i start schooling.get job with good pay thats all.and make my parents happy ..dont bother about anyone else it my life so i`m goig to do what i want or what seem aproproate to me .