your dream wedding

everyone have his or her own wedding dream.
some may just want a small wedding ,other might want it to be as a wedding of the year.

what would be the concept,the color and so on.
where should it be.would it be on the garden,hotel or by the sea?
when?when will be the date?some would like the date to be significant such as 090909 or even on their birthday.

for me i do not want it to be on my birthday. the reason is i want my birthday to be special .and also i can celebrate two events at two occasion . i don wannt to celebrate a 2in 1 occasion where my birthDAY is also our wedding day.i don want it to happen. it will as if my birthday or the wedding is not special enough to be celebrated on its own.neither would i want the wedding day to be on my other half birthday.

for the wedding it would either just the nikah and nothing else or a big wedding at the hotel. either one of that and nothing else.i don want it to be simple medium wedding.either nothing or make it big.tak nak ala kadar je.

watever it is .it just a would probably be in 5 years time or so.
haha jangan mimpi lah hah